List Instructions

The new documentary email list is for sharing and discussing things about documentary, the digital, and networks. It is open to whoever would like to subscribe. It may have an antipodean flavour due to its origins, and there is a bibliography emerging too, with some suggestions about use. Anything else?

The administrative pages for the email list are web based. Here you can subscribe, unsubscribe, temporarily suspend receiving emails, change to receiving email as a daily digest, and so on. When you subscribe you create a password, which you need to manage your subscription. If you forget your password then the administration page lets you enter your email address and ask for a password to be emailed to you. If you don't remember what email address you subscribed with then just open any email you have received from the list and check what individual address it was sent to. This is the address you have used to subscribe with. The URL for this administrative page is listed at the bottom of every email from the list.

Attachments are not allowed (they add unnecessarily to bandwidth - think carbon footprint - and sending unsolicited attachments is bad form). If you have an attachment then a) put it online and send the link to it, if you can't do that then b) send the email and attachment to adrian dot miles at rmit dot edu dot au and the attachment will be put online for you and the email sent.

Only members can post, but archives are 100% public.